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Making it right

Hi guys, Hope you liked my Instastories the other day about my visit to Alden Bilzen castle, a place I will return today for a Halloween shooting :). Make sure you stay tuned on my Instastories again ! As for now, I have a cool outfit post that I'm certain you'll love ^^ I've mixed and matched a few fave items and came up with this beautiful fall look, something a bit more original than what we are seing on the streets. I simply loved how my Sterkowski cap matched my Very Simple sweater - " true vision of fashion " as I like to call it !  And yes, I finally did my hair for the season, at Sammy Green salon here in Brussels. A place I totally recommend!

What I wore: - Very Simple sweater - Zara skirt - Steven booties - Gatta tights - Laurence Delvallez earrings - New Look fluffy clutch  - Sterkowski cap
Really hope you like the look, sweeties! I'll be back tomorrow with more for sure :) Until then, you can follow me on Instagram 
Kisses, R.

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Light it up

Hello everyone,  The new week is upon us and I couldn't be more excited with all the awesome planned events to come. Of course that the blog will not be neglected ! A new outfit everyday is promised so be sure to stay tuned :) This Monday I thought to have something more colorful and bright even though Fall is all about dark hues. I think it's nice to dress a bit brighter now and then, when the weather allows.

What I wore: - RoseGal flower skirt - RoseGal sweater - Zara sandals - Marc Jacobs shoulder bag
Really hope you like the look, guys! I think RoseGal has a lot of cute things, especially some awesome Halloween special deals. Be sure to check them out :) I'll be back soon with more cool looks ^^

Kisses, R.

Flower dream

Hi guys, Hope your weekend is going great ! I'm actually prepping myself for a visit to the flower market and afterwards I have to pick up my detox pack for the week to come :).
But here I am, back with another outfit post for you today ^^!
(lately I've been loving flowers so much that I started wearing them lol )

What I wore: - Chicwish dress - Alexa Wagner sandals - Zara purse
So, how do you like the look? Would it be something you'd wear ?
See you tomorrow ...or maybe later as I'm thinking of doing a fashionable article on a fashionable subject ! ;) stay tuned !
Kisses, R.

It's O.K

Hello sweeties, The weekend is upon us and I just cannot wait to take advantage of tomorrow as it's Sunday so that normally means no emails to answer or phones to pick up, just a relaxing day in front of the pc, watching a movie or some series. Other than that, I'm back with a brand new outfit post this morning :)

What I wore: - Gamiss dress - Marc Jacobsvelvet shoes  - Gatta tights - 3Suisses bag - Choies jacket

Really hope you like the look, sweeties ! :) Come back tomorrow for a new outfit post ^^
Kisses, R.

Right on time

Hi guys, Hope your Friday will be fun and awesome !  I'm back with a new outfit post, of course; this is something special for the weekend. A cute outfit featuring this lovely Chicwish dress ^^

What I wore: - Chicwish dress - Kate Spade New York pointed shoes - Mango bag

Hope you like the look and don't forget to come by tomorrow for a new one ! 
Kisses, R.


Hello darlings ! Welcome again to my little blog :). As you can imagine, I have a brand new outfit post just waiting to be seen ^^. I've noticed velvet still holding its ground this season; add some embroidery and some imagination to that story and you'll have quite the original outfit. Enjoy!

What I wore: - Chicwish velvet dress - Gatta tights - Sergio Rossi sandals - Mango bag

Really hope you like the look, sweeties !  I know it's a bit difficult to combine so many elements, but I hope the result is nice and wearable for you as it was for me.
Kisses, R.